Marshall Custom Cams Powers

Powering World’s Fastest Vehicles

Why are Marshall Camshafts found in 9 of the top 12 fastest top alcohol dragsters in Australia right now? For those of us not familiar, a Top alcohol engine produces produce around 3,000-3,500 hp.  They’ll crush a standing quarter mile in 5.5 seconds, reaching speeds of above 260 MPH as they cross the finish line.  They’ll push out up to… Read more »

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Marshall Custom Cams Superior Camshaft Grinder

Marshall’s Superior Technology

We interviewed Johnny Marshall the other day to find out the secrets behind why his camshafts are in the most sought after in Australian top alcohol racing.   Swish: To get an idea of what we mean by “superior,”  what power and torque effects can we expect to see out of an MCC camshaft? Johnny Marshall… Read more »

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Marshall Custom Camshafts

Turning Ambruosi into a Winner

 Johnny Marshall, the driving force behind Marshall Custom Cams, has been instrumental in the careers of many Australian top alcohol racers. Robert Ambruosi is one such client. Ambruosi was mentored under John during his TAFE years, while JM taught mechanics at the school. He went on to create Robert Ambruosi Motorsports, racing on the circuit for 10 years… Read more »

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