Powering World’s Fastest Vehicles

Marshall Custom Cams Powers

Powering World’s Fastest Vehicles

Why are Marshall Camshafts found in 9 of the top 12 fastest top alcohol dragsters in Australia right now?

For those of us not familiar, a Top alcohol engine produces produce around 3,000-3,500 hp.  They’ll crush a standing quarter mile in 5.5 seconds, reaching speeds of above 260 MPH as they cross the finish line.  They’ll push out up to 10,000 revs with 50-60lbs of boost.air. They’ll suck in 4 times as much air pressure as your average car on full throttle would.  Put simply, these machines are beasts – the fastest piston driven engines on planet earth – and such power requires precision design and machining for all parts.

Specifically, the camshaft – being the ‘lungs’ of the engine, telling it how to breath – requires absolute precision.  Marshall Custom Cams’ “Smooth Lobe” technology will grind a cam to absolute precision,  to a .0001 of an inch of the design.  You won’t find this precision from your average camshaft machine shop.

What sets a vehicle fitted with a Marshall Cam apart on the track?

The key is in the smoothness of the cam lobes.  The smoother the lobe profile (not the finish), the less vibrations there are to cause the valve train harmonics of the engine.

This translates to fewer broken valve train components, such as lifters and valve springs etc.  Your traditional cam, not designed but copied, will knock springs around, and you may to fit new valve springs ever couple of passes.  The precision of MCC cams allows for far fewer of these maintenance tasks.  You’ll only have to change a valve spring approximately every 40 passes with a Marshall Cam.

For the car’s crew, this is a massive advantage.  When you only have around 40 mins to get ready for the next race, you want to be tweaking, not changing valve springs.  A perfect camshaft saves maintenance time between races.  You can focus on what your car really needs – tuning the engine, clutch, or suspension for the current racetrack and climate conditions.

Is it just Top Alcohol then?  Where else can we find Marshall Custom cams?

Marshall Camshafts are found in high performance machines all over the world.

This Easter, Dave Hoffman’s ROCK- IT ski boat took out first place at the recent Mildura Robinvale ski boat races.  The missile boat was powered via the epic new GM /LSA engine , and had the honours of being the first customer of a Marshall LSA cam.  Couldn’t have had better results!

The essence of Custom in the name is that we’ll build a cam for whatever your needs are.  If you need to tow a 50 ton trailer across Australia, we’ll build you the perfect cam for your vehicle engine that achieves maximum torque for towing up hills etc.  Custom cams are just that – custom to your individual vehicle’s needs.

Marshall Cams can also be found in high-performance street cars.

MCC supply to a range of performance tuning shops.

With one of our new designed GM LS custom cam profiles, you can expect an extra 80-100 HP.  You can either buy direct from Johnny or he’ll find you a local stockist who can fit it for you.


Could your vehicle do with extra power or torque?  Think you might benefit from a custom camshaft?  Contact Johnny and he’ll assess your needs.